5 breathtaking bridges in Europe

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If you like adventure and aren’t afraid of heights, get to know these 5 fascinating pedestrian bridges in Europe that have a beautiful view.

For starters, we have the Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge in Northern Ireland. As the name suggests, it is mostly made of ropes and joins the small island Carrick-a-Rede to the coast of Ireland. At 20 meters long and 30 meters high over the sea, in this bridge can only pass one person at a time. It was built by salmon fishermen over 350 years ago, but has been renovated several times and is now made of metal “rope” and spruce wood. It is mostly used by tourists, as salmon is almost extinct on this island.

Carrick-a-Rede - Rope bridge in Northern Ireland - Ponte de corda na Irlanda do Norte

Carrick-a-Rede, rope bridge in Northern Ireland.


Then we go to Slovenia, where we can visit the Soca river. With 140 km long, the river rises in the Julian Alps and flows into the northeast of Italy. Throughout its length you can see a colour between turquoise and emerald, hence the name “The Emerald Jewel”. From the Kamp Lazar bridge, there is a beautiful view of this river. On either side of the bridge, you will find unique places with unbelievable landscapes.

Kamp Lazar - Bridge over Soča river in Slovenia - Ponte sobre o rio Soča, Slovenia

Kamp Lazar, bridge over Soča river in Slovenia.


We now go to the lower Hunsrück mountain range in Germany. We can find Geierlay, a 360-meter long overhanging bridge that is 100 meters above the ground. The bridge opened in 2015 and connects the villages of Mörsdorf and Sosberg. Underneath is a valley that is crossed by the Mörsdorfer stream. This bridge weighs 57 tons and can support up to 50 tons. The visit is free, but crossing it can be a little scary, as about 20% of people who visit it don’t go over the bridge.

Geierlay - Suspension bridge in Hunsrück, Germany - Ponte suspensa em Hunsrück, Alemanha

Geierlay, suspension bridge in Hunsrück, Germany.


Heading now to the Swiss Alps, we can find the Trift bridge. With 170 meters long, the bridge is above Lake Triftsee at the height of 100 meters. This bridge was built in 2004 and replaced in 2009 by a safer one. Just getting to the bridge is a real adventure: you have to take a cable car in Meiringen and make a challenging climb of an hour and a half. When you get there, you will have a fantastic view of the Trift Glacier, which attracts about 20,000 tourists annually.

Bridge in the Swiss Alps - Ponte nos Alpes Suíços

Bridge in the Swiss Alps.


Finally, we can travel to the French border with Italy, where is the famous Aiguille du Midi bridge. The bridge is located on the Mont Blanc massif in the French Alps, 3842 meters high. There’s a lift to reach the top of the mountain. There, you will find a restaurant and a souvenir shop, and get a magnificent view of the French, Italian and Swiss Alps.

Aiguille du Midi - bridge in Mont-Blanc massif, French Alps - Ponte no maciço Mont-Blanc, Alpes Franceses

Aiguille du Midi, bridge in Mont-Blanc massif, French Alps.


If you are visiting any of these cities and if you like a little adventure, don’t forget to go to these bridges. Enjoy the landscapes – they are unique!



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