Highly qualified employment in companies - Hiring Highly Qualified Human Resources (SME or CoLAB)

Project code | ALT20-05-3559-FSE-000027

Main objective | Strengthening the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises

Region of intervention | Alentejo


Approval date | 05-08-2019

Start date | 21-10-2019

Completion date | 31-05-2022

Total eligible cost | €191,877.56

European Union financial support | €95,938.78

National/regional public financial support | 0€

Objectives, activities and expected/achieved results:

The IN HOUSING LIFE project aims to acquire critical mass and support the development of the company’s innovation and internationalization strategy in the segment of accommodation services for international students. IN HOUSING LIFE’s innovation strategy involves introducing a new service to the market on a global scale, namely live housing tours, to support online accommodation booking, based on an innovative digital platform and a totally innovative and disruptive business model. To this end, 2 RHAQs were hired who are fundamental to the operationalization of the strategy, in the sense that they help to implement marketing, product, process and internationalization innovation strategies, being allocated 100% to the Innovation domains. The IN HOUSING LIFE project will have a Highly Qualified Employment rate of 57% 6 months after the end of the project. Seven of the resources we plan to hire over the duration of the project will be highly qualified resources, and 6 months after the end of the project (December 2022) we will have 14 employees on staff, 8 of whom will have a qualification level higher than 6.