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Find out how to guarantee a steady income with Inlife

Bernardino Prates · Landlord
Bernardino Prates · Landlord
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100% occupancy rate
“I work exclusively with Inlife and I have had a 100% occupancy rate! I feel a very strong support at Inlife.”
Filipe Pires · Landlord
Filipe Pires · Landlord
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Fast and easy management
“Using Inlife's App and with a few simple clicks on my smartphone, I am able to rent and manage all my properties.”
Cláudia Pereira · Landlord
Cláudia Pereira · Landlord
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Fast and effortless bookings
“Since I started working with Inlife I have found tenants very quickly and without any work on my part.”
Francisco Catalão · Landlord
Francisco Catalão · Landlord
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Fast communication
“They are always available through Whatsapp, by phone or by email. The answer is very quick!”
Luísa Lourenço · Landlord
Luísa Lourenço · Landlord
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“The work that Inlife performs is very important for us to reach the market in a qualified and certified way.”

No advertising costs and thousands of visitors

With more than 100 partnerships with universities and companies and a strong presence on Google and social networks, we guarantee thousands of monthly visitors looking for accommodation on our platform.

Get free visibility on Inlife and start receiving booking requests.

Total control over the management of your properties

In just a few minutes you can create attractive ads for your properties.

You have complete control over your listings data, such as house rules, periods of stay, prices and availabilities.

You will have the flexibility to accept or reject any booking request.

Make offers to potential tenants

Get to know the preferences of registered tenants looking for accommodation in your area and send them your listings directly from your phone or computer.

Maximize occupancy rates quickly and efficiently.

Make visits by video call
or in person

Choose whether or not to accept visit requests from interested tenants, and if you prefer these visits to be made by live video call or in person.

Define your schedule availability, set the visits easily using the application and increase your reservations.

Did you know that on Inlife more than 70% of the visits made turn into bookings with long periods of stay?

Manage your agenda and personal alerts

Visit requests, booking requests and check-ins in one place.

Add other personal events and control the entire operation in a quick and simple way.

Sync calendars and ads with other platforms

Do you have your properties listed on several platforms?

No worries, we understand how important it is to maximize the occupancy rate of your listings.

You can easily synchronize the calendars of other platforms with ours, keeping your availabilities updated and avoiding overbookings.

First rent guarantee upon acceptance of the reservation

Every time a tenant requests to book your place, he will have to complete the payment of the first month rent.

If for any reason the tenant later cancels a confirmed booking, you decide on the refund policy.

We apply the service fee only when a reservation is confirmed

Our service fee only takes place when you accept the reservation, being deducted from the tenant's first month rent. Then we transfer the value to you, 48 hours after the tenant's move-in.

Support from our local team of key accounts

At Inlife we know our success is your success. You will have the support of a local team, prepared to help you in whatever way is necessary to make your business thrive.

Become an Inlife landlord today.

Registration takes about 10 minutes

Become an Inlife landlord today.

Registration takes about 10 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

Inlife has a minimum period of stay of 1 month for all tenants.
We only advertise properties which are furnished and ready to live in.
The listing should match the reality of the photographs and information inserted.

When a booking is made, the tenant pays the first month’s rent to Inlife.
Within 48 hours of the tenant’s move-in day, Inlife transfers the first rent to you, less the service fee.
All other payments (deposit included) will be made by the tenant directly to you.

We charge a service fee according to your landlord profile, which is applied over the total value for each contract.
For example, for a 3-month stay, we multiply the monthly rent by 3. The fee percentage will then be applied to this value and will be deducted only once (on the first month rent).

At Inlife you can choose whether or not to accept visits from potential tenants prior to booking.
Visits can be made by live video call or in person.
You can define in your calendar the days and times of the week when you want to receive visit requests. This information will be editable at any time.

Access to the list of potential tenants is free for our Top Landlords, regardless of the number of listings they have.
To become a Top Landlord you just need to fulfill the goals of response rate, acceptance rate and non-cancellation of reservations.

We are here for you

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