Almendres Cromlech in Évora

The Almendres Cromlech is the largest megalithic complex in the Iberian Peninsula. It is a 20-minute drive from the center of Évora. It is estimated to have been erected between the sixth and fifth centuries BC, but it was only “discovered” in 1974. There are almost 100 menhirs, arranged in a “prehistoric stone circle”, called Cromeleque. The place is so relevant that some call it The Portuguese Stonehenge.

Cromlech’s Rocks

The real role of the Cromlech and Menhir of Almendres is not certain, but the strong link they both have with agriculture and grazing seems to be undeniable. There are guided tours that tell you the history of the place or you can discover it by yourself.

Surrounded by an aura of mysticism and enchantment, the Almendres Cromlech is an authentic time machine worth visiting. Don’t forget to identify @inlifeportugal when you follow our tips 😉.

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