Eight of March

Awareness is the best gift.  

March 8, the date that is not to celebrate female beauty, but rather the fighting for equity rights. Inlife supports this cause.   

What are the origins of this day?  

February 26 of 1909 was marked by thousands of women protesting in the streets of New York. They wanted the right to vote, in addition to better working conditions.  

In August 1910, a German woman started a demonstration calling for equal gender rights in Europe.  

Women’s Day was celebrated for the first time on March 19, 1911. However, demonstrations for women’s rights continued to take place. 

Six years later in Russia, on March 8, a group of female workers took part in a demonstration against hunger and World War I. Thus, March 8 has become known as Women’s Day in many countries.  

Only in 1975, the United Nations formalized March 8 as the official International Women’s Day. This date has historical importance, which reveals a problem that still exists today: gender equity.  

How is it celebrated?  

Around the world, the 8 of March honors all women. Some honor them in the form of protest and promotion of gender equity, while others celebrate all the advances already made in favor of women.  

Today? Have all the goals been achieved?  

Definitely not. Even after so many efforts, today, in only one of ten countries women have been elected as Head of State. One in three women in the world is a victim of violence, usually by her partner, and it is not considered a crime in more than twenty countries. About 200 million women and girls alive have experienced genital mutilation. More than 100 million women do not attend school. At least in 117 countries, there are still no laws to protect girls from childhood marriage.  

At all times, remember that this day exists to honor those who dedicated themselves to the struggle. Also, remember that we all can, and must change the world. Be aware that you can always count on our sorority and empathy. Happy International Women’s Day!

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By @ineshortamaria our Ambassador.

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