It’s Carnival Time

Have an amazing typical Portuguese Carnival

This year, on the 25th of February, dressed up as a princess, superhero, clown or witch to celebrate the most wanted party, the Carnival. In Portugal, many cities are also dressed in different colors and costumes.

Woman in Carnival

TORRES VEDRAS, the most Portuguese Carnival in Portugal

It is in Torres Vedras that, every year, due to the magic of the Carnival, the “most Portuguese Carnival in Portugal” happens. This party is known for the Carnival parades as well its variety of programs during 5 days. This city offers a lot of fun.

Our planet also deserves the opportunity to dress up, and to join the party so this event has been decreasing its environmental impact toward sustainability. 


SESIMBRA, Carnival at the beach

If you do not want to stay far away from Lisbon and the beach, you can not miss the pure fun of Sesimbra’s Carnival. In the streets, you will see a lot of adults and children parade with their costumes, costume contents and also people dancing the famous Samba. The program is planned by local people which makes it so unique. You can also enjoy the bars close to the beach, and when you are hungry you can eat tasty grilled fish.


OVAR, the Carnival which lasts more than 10 days

It started on the 1st of February, but you still more than in time to join the party. You will need to be full of beans in case you want to face this Carnival. Ovar is located in Aveiro district and during these days it is marked by its parades and costume contest. It also has a building called “Aldeia do Carnaval” (“Carnival Village”). There, entertainment is promised from the day to the night, or, maybe, from the night to the day.


FUNCHAL, a flight to a warmer Carnival

For the ones who like to be challenged, a flight Lisbon-Funchal means a lot of fun and a warmer Carnival. More exactly in Santa Cruz, the party is certain. All the happiness of the people in the streets, all the colors and a wide variety of costumes and local gastronomy mark these days.

In Funchal, moments of joy and good disposal are dominant everywhere.
As we are used to saying in Portugal “A vida são 2 dias, o Carnaval são 3”, which means “Life lasts 2 days, Carnival lasts 3”, in our country the traditional Carnival parties last even more days.

Princess, superhero, clown, witch, … Have you already chosen your costume? Don’t forget to tag @inlifeportugal  in stories when you follow our tips 😉.

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By @ineshortamaria our Ambassador.


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