What to pack for a summer festival

Heading off for music concerts and camping this summer? Be prepared by checking out this list of essentials to take to the summer festivals.


First of all, there is one thing you cannot forget: your ticket! Carry it in your wallet, along with your documents and money. Put them in a small bag together with all your daily essentials (like your smartphone).

Now it’s time to pack your backpack: get a big one, preferably for camping, to fit everything you’ll need.


Girl having fun in a camping site.

Girl having fun at a camping site.


To have energy and a good mood every day, it is essential that you have a good night’s sleep. You will need to bring a mattress, a sleeping bag and a tent – preferably double-lined to maintain a mild temperature, as sometimes it gets a bit cold at night but gets warmer as the sun rises. It’s also good to have a tarp cover that you can hold to the trees, to make shade during the day and protect you from the humidity of the night.


Lots of people enjoying a music concert at night.

People enjoying a music concert at night.


As for your clothes, bring only comfortable ones. It’s better to pack old sneakers that you don’t mind getting damaged and slippers to wear at the campsite or to the beach, when available. For the beach also do not forget to bring a bathing suit or shorts, a towel and sunscreen. The latter is also essential for when you are watching the concerts under the sun.

With so much dust and sweat, you’ll want to do your daily hygiene. So bring your toiletries and a towel to shower and to brush your teeth. Don’t forget to bring wet wipes and the toilet paper too! Usually, the organization provides toilet paper, but it runs out fast.


Group of friends eating and drinking in camping.

Group of friends eating and drinking on a camping trip.


In your camp you can not miss clothespin and rope to extend your clothes and attach your tarp, a lantern, a blanket or light quilt for everyone to sit together, trash bags, power bank and phone chargers (with one extension and several entrances if you’re in a big group). If you’re going to cook, take a camping stove, some small pans, plates and cutlery.

Finally, good mood and a spirit of adventure are indispensable to make the most out of your summer festival experience. Have fun!


Group of girl friends having fun at a music concert.

Girl friends at a music concert.



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